387 Vets get dressed up to promote National Pet Month


It’s National Pet Month! This year 387 Vets are supporting the initiative by dressing up as pets to illustrate this year’s theme:  National Pet Month’s 10 top tips for responsible pet ownership. We’ll be posting twice weekly until 2nd May. See if you can recognise the 387 team who have disguised themselves as cats, dogs and rabbits!

Read on to learn more about National Pet Month’s Top Tip number 1 . . .

Tip 1: Think carefully before getting a pet and learn about it’s special requirements

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, what would suit your lifestyle best? Do you have time to walk, train and play with a new puppy and do you know which breeds require most – or least – exercise? Did you know there is a minimum hutch size for rabbits, and that you should also give them daily exercise outside the hutch to prevent them from developing painful skeletal conditions? Would you be happy to groom a long-haired cat daily? Or if you’re thinking about exotics, what special equipment might you need? And do you know how much it would cost to feed and care for your chosen pet over the course of a year – and their lifetime?

Do carry out research before you commit to a new pet to make sure you can meet their needs and celebrate, rather than worry about, your new addition!

Did you know…

If you’re thinking about getting a rabbit, you should really be getting two! Rabbits are sociable creatures and love a companion. A neutered male and neutered female works best.

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Published: 2, Apr, 2016