Following on from yesterday’s gorgeous Labrador puppies, for feline Friday we thought we would share some adorable kittens! This 4 week old trio came in for their routine flea and worming treatment earlier this week and were too cute not to snap!

Did you know we run kitten socialisation clinics at 387 Vets? Kittens are naturally inquisitive until around 6 months of age, and are learning to acclimatise to environments they are exposed to and the things they should consider non-threatening in later life. Positive exposure to people, smells and experiences early on helps reduce feline stress and anxiety in later life.

We normally run kitten socialisation clinics monthly after your kitten’s second vaccination until they reach 6 months old. At the clinics, we’ll give you personalised advice on environmental enrichment and behavioural needs, as well as making time for lots of kitten cuddles and playtime fun too! We’ll carry out weight and general health checks and talk about preventative care too.

Visits to the vets when young helps to acclimatise kittens to the pet carrier, cat travel and new faces, and will help make vet visits less scary in adult life!

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Published: 4, Dec, 2020