A laser therapy first!

A big hello to Arlo who is our very first bunny laser therapy patient! Arlo had surgery at another practice to remove multiple abscesses on his leg, and yesterday came to 387 Vets to start a programme of laser therapy, to support the healing process and encourage improved mobility in his hock.

Laser therapy is a brilliant, pet-friendly, drug-free way of relieving symptoms across a whole range range of health issues. It can help with pain management – we treat a lot of pets with arthritis – as laser stimulates the release of natural painkillers and suppresses pain sensation; it stimulates new cell growth which promotes wound healing, muscle repair and post-op fracture repair and reduces recovery time; it can be used to reduce inflammation and help manage long term skin problems like eczema and lick granulomas and can boost your pet’s immunity too.

Did you know, we’re so impressed with laser treatment we now give it as a complimentary service to all our spays and castrates to improve wound recovery time?

We’re delighted that bunnies are now benefiting from our laser therapy clinics alongside dogs and cats! If you think laser therapy could improve your pet’s wellbeing, please give us a call on 01922 411755 and speak to one of our team.

Categories: News
Published: 30, Sep, 2020