A little bit of history!

For our feline Friday post this week we’re going back in time, and we’d love your help! All the artefacts in the photo have been unearthed during our cat clinic build and we’d love to know more about them and the history of the land being developed.

We believe Sambrook’s coal yard used to be where our new staff car park is now on Shaw’s Lane. That’s where the coal, the horse’s tooth and the spanner were found. Perhaps the horse’s tooth came from one of the horses used to pull the coal wagons. And it’s possible the spanner was used to make necessary repairs on the delivery carts. Do you, or someone you know, remember the coal yard being at the entrance to our practice car park? Maybe someone even has a photo of the land’s previous use? We’d love to hear from you.

The glass bottles were also found in the new carpark under one of the felled conifer trees. They’re in amazing condition. We’re intrigued to know what the bottles might have been used for. Can you help?

Not so much mystery around the trowel in the photo, which was found in the practice’s back garden – the house at 387 Walsall Road’s original garden too. We wonder what the garden looked like then!

Categories: News
Published: 3, Apr, 2020