We’ve had several calls this morning from dog owners worried about Alabama Rot and reports of possible cases at Straitons Vets in Penkridge. Whilst these are suspected – not confirmed – cases, it’s best to be vigilant.

To give you some information, Alabama Rot is a disease that damages blood vessels of the skin and kidneys. Whilst ulcers form on the skin, internally the lining of the kidney can become damaged by the disease leading to kidney failure. The disease can be fatal.

Alabama Rot is first evident through lesions which may appear on paws or legs, but these can also appear on a dog’s face, around the mouth, on the tongue and lower body.

The cause of Alabama Rot remains unknown. The majority of dogs treated in the UK have been walked in muddy areas or woodland areas, and most cases have been reported between November and May.

With the cause of the disease unknown, it’s difficult to advise on preventative measures. You may wish to consider washing your dog’s paws and any area of the body that has got muddy or wet on your dog walk.

Spotting signs
•Check your dog’s body daily for any unexplained skin outbreaks: red skin, sore patches or open ulcers
•Contact your vet If you think your dog is exhibiting symptoms of Alabama Rot. Even if you are unsure, it’s best to get your dog checked out
•Seek veterinary attention as soon as you can. If your dog is suffering from the disease, fast action could be vital.

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Published: 27, Nov, 2017