The Vet Times announced yesterday on their Facebook feed that nine new cases of Alabama Rot (Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy or CRGV) have been confirmed nationally, including one in Lichfield. 

The disease appears as marks, sores or ulcers, most commonly on the bottom part of a dog’s legs, although it can occur anywhere, including on the head, around the nose and mouth and on a dog’s tummy. If not caught early it can lead to potentially fatal kidney failure through damage to the kidney’s blood vessels. Reduced appetite, drinking more, vomiting and lethargy are all signs of acute kidney problems.

Since 2012 there have been 216 confirmed cases, but the cause of the disease is unknown. Most cases have come from dogs walked in the countryside, and the disease seems to be seasonal with most cases reported in the winter or spring. Washing dogs after muddy walks may help, although there is no proof this will prevent the disease.

It’s important to stress the risk of contraction is exceptionally low, and that most skin lesions or kidney issues will have another cause. However, if you do think your dog may have CRGV, please contact a vet immediately.

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Published: 12, Feb, 2020