Amazing lost and found story

We love heartwarming stories and this one will make your morning! And if ever you needed convincing about why you should microchip your cat, this is it! This beautiful cat was brought in yesterday by one of our clients who had noticed her hanging round their garden for the last few days. Fortunately the cat was microchipped, so we phoned her owners to tell them we had Phoebe here, and they said they’d pop in later to collect her. After a few moments, Phoebe’s owners phoned back to double check what we had said. The family presumed we must have been talking about their other cat Piper as their cat Phoebe had disappeared two and a half years ago. Naturally they had feared the worst, especially as so much time had passed. But it was indeed Phoebe! Imagine their surprise and delight. Here is Phoebe’s family having a very long overdue cuddle. What a fantastic reunion. Phoebe has finally made it home!

Categories: News
Published: 11, Jul, 2017