Baby bird advice

We’ve seen a couple of baby birds this week in practice. Here is our latest having a good feed.

It can be difficult to know what to do for the best if you do come across a baby bird on the ground without a parent seemingly around. It’s tempting to pick up baby and seek a rescue centre or veterinary help. However, RSPB advice is that if baby has feathers (is a ‘fledgling’), is unhurt and is safe then they should be left where they are. The RSPB note that it’s normal for fledglings spend a day or two, sometimes longer, on the ground as their wings complete their growth. The only exceptions are swifts, swallows and house martins. It’s extremely unlikely that baby will have been abandoned. Mum and dad may be off gathering food, or may be hiding due to human presence, but won’t be far away. Removing a healthy fledging from the wild reduces its long term chance of survival.

To find out more, and for RSPB advice on what to do if baby bird is younger than fledgling or is injured or in danger, click here.

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Published: 15, Jun, 2022