Back from the brink


Nina was admitted to 387 Vets two weeks ago after she started vomiting blood and passing bloody diarrhoea.  We immediately tested her for parvo virus which can be fatal, but fortunately the test was clear. As the diarrhoea and vomiting stopped, we discharged her for the weekend so that she could go home for cuddles with her family.  However, poor Nina started being sick again intermittently, wasn’t eating and was getting progressively weaker.  She was admitted again, and whilst nothing showed on x-rays, further blood tests indicated she had dangerously low blood protein levels. We kept her in for 4 days, put her on a drip, and administered medication and syringe fed her even though Nina wasn’t very keen!  At one point we even had blood plasma on standby as she was so poorly.  After 3 days Nina started to eat by herself again, and from then she improved leaps and bounds.  The two year old has now made a full recovery.  We’re delighted you’re better Nina – well done for being so brave!

Categories: News
Published: 6, Mar, 2014