Beware inquisitive noses!

Not a pretty picture! The little grains in the photo are actually rat poison consumed by a Labrador when he went with his family to visit relatives. The rat poison was in the greenhouse, and whilst normally secure, somehow Nelson managed to get in and indulge. This was the first his owners knew about it.

A killer for rats, rat poison can be just as dangerous for our pets. Very fortunately, Nelson had no adverse affects. We think he must not have eaten enough for his size (he’s a big dog!) to cause serious problems, and was bright when he came in to practice and showed no signs of illness, although we treated him with vitamin K just to be sure.

Nelson’s story highlights how important it is to be extra careful to keep toxic substances out of the reach of inquisitive noses. If you suspect your dog or cat has ingested something poisonous, S.P.E.E.D. is essential!

  • S: Stop your pet from eating any further suspected poison
  • P: Phone the vets
  • E: Emergency appointment – it’s likely we’ll ask you to come straight down
  • E: Evidence – bring labels/ photos/ samples (safely)
  • D: Don’t delay!

There are many items around the house that can be highly toxic and even deadly to our pets, even in small quantities. Click here for more information on common pet poisons to be aware of in the home.

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Published: 6, Sep, 2019