Happy family!

Suzie, the mum in the photo, had puppies nine weeks ago and was in last week to be spayed. Her owner is keeping two of the litter and here they…

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Published: 13, Dec, 2019

Vote for 387 Vets!

We’re delighted to announce The Best Of’s ‘Business of the Year’ competition is up and running and competition for the 2020 awards is hotting up! Thank you so much to…

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Published: 11, Dec, 2019

Welcome to the world!

Massive congratulations to Emma and Carlos on the birth of a beautiful baby girl! Hard to believe little Sofia is already 2 weeks old! We’re delighted that mum, dad and…

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Published: 9, Dec, 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

We’re definitely feeling festive at 387 Vets, as the fairy lights, tinsel and Christmas tree are all up in the practice waiting room. And we’re loving seeing your pets coming…

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Published: 4, Dec, 2019

Give a homeless pet a Christmas dinner campaign

December’s here which means our annual food collection for homeless pets is up and running in reception! Every year, we hold a ‘give a pet a Christmas dinner’ campaign to…

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Published: 2, Dec, 2019

What are the odds?!

Stripe (on the left) was in for surgery at the practice yesterday, and his mum came to collect him yesterday afternoon. Just before Stripe’s mum arrived, a lost dog was…

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Published: 29, Nov, 2019

St Bernard puppy cuddles!

This is adorable St Bernard puppy Bernie who was in at 387 Vets yesterday for a vaccination appointment with Sam. Bernie is 10.5 weeks old and is already an impressive…

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Published: 27, Nov, 2019

Great idea!

This is Smokey who came in to see us last week in this brilliant cat pushchair. The cat carrier on the top is comfy and cosy, and easily detachable from…

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Published: 25, Nov, 2019

It’s cold outside!

This is Pippin, who came to see us last week wearing this fabulous Christmas jumper with penguins and snowflakes. She looks super cosy. Perfect for today’s weather too, as it’s…

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Published: 19, Nov, 2019

New Veterinary Nurse at 387 Vets!

A big welcome to Renée Hopwood, who becomes the fifth member of our qualified nursing team at 387 Vets alongside Amy, Sharon, Sophie and Jodie. Renée qualified as a registered…

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Published: 15, Nov, 2019