New solution for diabetic cats

A big shout out to Fred who is our first cat to try a new treatment for diabetes that removes the need to inject. Seven year old Fred is our…

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Published: 15, May, 2024

Seeing double!

Our vet Sam was taken aback when Welsh cocker spaniel Winnie came in for her vaccination appointment. The two month old puppy looked the spitting image of Sam’s own cocker…

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Published: 9, May, 2024

Happy Bank Holiday!

Happy early May Bank holiday to you and your pets. Lovely to see the sun is shining! Our practice is closed today, but we’ll be open again as normal tomorrow….

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Published: 6, May, 2024

Happy Birthday!

This is beautiful cocker spaniel Darcy who came in to see us on her first birthday! We loved your bandana and felt very honoured that you were booked in to…

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Published: 3, May, 2024

101 dalmatians!

These 11 beautiful babies have been in this morning for a worming appointment – that’s 101 dalmatians without the zero in the middle! The five girls and six boys were…

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Published: 30, Apr, 2024

If you find a baby bird …

It’s the time of year when baby birds are hatching, and we’ve seen a few practice recently that have been found outside their nest. It can be difficult to know…

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Published: 26, Apr, 2024

Compulsory microchipping for cats

Did you know that from 10th June 2024 it will be compulsory in England to have your cat microchipped? The new law will make it easier to reunite injured, lost…

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Published: 24, Apr, 2024

Protect against these nasties!

This is a flea larva we took from a cat earlier this week. We were able to watch it wiggle about and raise its head to the lens under our…

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Published: 17, Apr, 2024

Superstar Scout!

A big shout out to our amazing superstar weight loss champion Scout who was in to see us this week and has reached his optimum target weight of just over…

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Published: 12, Apr, 2024

A helping hand

Treacle, the mummy of this gorgeous baby, was brought in to see us as she had become weak and unwell and her owner was worried she might have eaten something…

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Published: 9, Apr, 2024

387 Vets retains Platinum award

We are delighted that following much evidence generation, zoom meetings, a team survey, a day of face to face team interviews, a site visit and a presentation to panel, 387…

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Published: 20, Mar, 2024

New extension project at 387 Vets!

Today marks the start of our third major building project at 387 Vets since we first opened our doors in November 2007. And we’re delighted to welcome back builder Lee…

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Published: 13, Mar, 2024