Could your dog be a lifesaver?

We’ve been hosting Pet Blood Bank UK doggy blood donation sessions at 387 Vets since 2012, and it’s been amazing seeing so many doggy heroes come through our doors, knowing…

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Published: 2, Sep, 2020

Happy bunnies

Tomorrow is the last day of Rabbit Awareness Week 2020! The final theme for focus on Rabbit Awareness Week’s Facebook page is companionship and the social needs of rabbits, and…

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Published: 22, Aug, 2020


A huge shout out to Ted who is the focus of today’s Feline Friday post! Ted came to see us yesterday, as treatment for a swollen nose and nasal discharge…

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Published: 21, Aug, 2020

Vaccination is key!

The importance of vaccination is one of the key themes for this week’s Rabbit Awareness Week. We strongly recommend indoor and outdoor pet rabbits are vaccinated annually to protect against…

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Published: 19, Aug, 2020

Special delivery!

What a great way to travel into practice for your appointment! 11 year old Tiffany doesn’t live very far away and this is her preferred mode of transport going to…

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Published: 18, Aug, 2020

Rabbit-tastic health and welfare advice!

It’s still Rabbit Awareness Week 2020 (RAW)! Last week, the virtual RAW festival hosted on Rabbit Awareness Week’s Facebook page centred around Diet, Accommodation and Environment. Did you know that…

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Published: 17, Aug, 2020

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW)! This year, given the current climate, the annual event is taking place online, and not only that, but it’s running for two weeks instead of…

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Published: 10, Aug, 2020

Share the love!

Happy International Cat Day to all cats and cat owners out there! International Cat Care are putting on a brilliant programme of online activities today (8am and 10pm) to celebrate…

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Published: 8, Aug, 2020

Celebrate happy cats!

Tomorrow is International Cat Day! The cat charity International Cat Care is really excited to be the new custodians of the event and have put together a fantastic programme of…

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Published: 7, Aug, 2020

Happy first year anniversary!

It’s exactly a year ago today that Sam joined the 387 team and we’re celebrating with cake! Happy first year anniversary! What an eventful year it’s been for Sam, starting…

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Published: 5, Aug, 2020


Border Terrier Flint had been out having a good run around. It was afterwards that Flint’s owner noticed he seemed to have a sore eye and on closer examination thought…

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Published: 4, Aug, 2020

Garden time!

It’s fantastic weather for this week’s feline Friday post! Great for getting out into the garden! Here are some top tips, courtesy of International Cat Care, for adapting your garden…

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Published: 31, Jul, 2020