Cats and foreign bodies

Our Feline Friday focus this week is all about cats and foreign bodies which is the theme of International Cat Care’s July 2020 ‘Keeping Cats Safe’ campaign. Even though cats can be picky about meals, it’s not uncommon for them to eat things they really shouldn’t! At 387 Vets, foreign bodies we’ve removed from cats include a needle (still threaded!), a piece of bone from a cooked joint of meat, an ear plug and Christmas tinsel! Elsie, the cat in our feature photo, had a dramatic foreign body story exactly a year ago. Click here to read all about it and see photos!

In Elsie’s case, signs she had a foreign body included not eating and being very lethargic, but other symptoms can include retching, vomiting and abdominal tenderness and your cat may stop passing faeces. If you’re worried your cat has swallowed a foreign body, it’s important you contact a vet as leaving a foreign body can lead to serious complications.

Visit International Cat Care’s feature on ‘Cats and Foreign bodies’ for more information on the topic and to read about more objects commonly reported to have been ingested by cats!

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Published: 10, Jul, 2020