Cat’s eating controlled by microchip feeder

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Sid (the cat on the left) used to be a stray, so was used to taking his opportunities where food was concerned. And his scavenging habits didn’t change even when he became domesticated – he liked to eat his meals and then would move on to those of the other cats in his family! Needless to say, it wasn’t long before Sid started putting on weight. And it was difficult to ensure each cat was eating the right food.

Sid’s owners brought him to one of our free weight clinics at 387 Vets to see how they could manage Sid’s over-eating. During one his appointments, his qualified weight clinic nurse Sharon suggested Sid’s owners might like to try out our microchip feeder at home to prevent Sid from accessing the two other cats’ food.  Sid’s owners loved it so much, they bought two!

The way it works is this: Sid eats from an ordinary bowl. The other cats each have their own microchip activated feeding bowls where the food is covered with a microchip activated lid. When a cat approaches its own microchip feeder, the feeder recognises its unique microchip ID and the lid automatically opens. And closes again when they move away. Brilliant!

Many thanks to Sid’s owners for providing mealtime footage.

Click here to see the microchip feeder in action – and how Sid can no longer snack!


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Published: 9, Sep, 2015