Cats, Halloween and Bonfire Night Safety

Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations are set to be markedly different this year. However, many of us will still be celebrating in a more low key fashion at home. Here are a few tips for this week’s feline Friday post on keeping our feline friends safe over the coming week.


  • Putting up decorations? As with Christmas decorations, keep out of reach of inquisitive, playful paws to avoid injury. String and string-like items are one of the commonest foreign bodies seen in cats by vets and can lead to serious intestinal issues requiring surgery.
  • Prevent singed whiskers and paws! Use battery powered tea lights and candles in pumpkins as decoration around your house

Fireworks and Bonfire Night

  • Bangs and flashes from fireworks can be very scary for cats. Ensure your cat is safely indoors before it gets dark to avoid them running off and potentially becoming lost or injured. Make sure windows are closed and cat flaps are locked.
  • Provide extra litter trays and make sure your cat has plenty of safe places they can hide
  • Treat your cat normally. Over-cuddling and fussing can make them think there is something wrong
  • Keep sparklers for outdoor use only as they can scare nervous cats
  • Having a bonfire in the garden? Check the pyre before lighting as it can be a good hiding place for cats and other small creatures
  • If you are putting on your own fireworks display, try to get as much distance as you can from the house as possible. Look for silent or quieter fireworks for your display to keep unfamiliar noise to a minimum
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Published: 30, Oct, 2020