Cats in cold weather

Many of us will have woken up to more snow this morning. Magical looking but chilly! For our first feline Friday Facebook post of 2021, we thought it would be worth highlighting some of the ways we can help to keep cats safe, comfortable and cosy in colder weather.

If your cat likes to adventure outdoors, put a cardboard box covered in plastic sheeting in the garden as an outdoor temporary shelter. Check cat flaps back indoors remain accessible and that they don’t freeze shut or become blocked with snow. Ensure your cat has access to lots of fresh water indoors as outdoor sources may be frozen. If your cat isn’t microchipped, it’s something we would strongly recommend: if they go wandering looking for shelter it will be much easier to help your cat get home.

Make sure there’s somewhere cosy for your feline friend to snuggle up – a cosy cat bed, a favourite warm spot somewhere quiet or even a snuggle cardboard box with blankets. But be sure to keep cats away from wood-burners and open fires to prevent inquisitive noses and paws from getting too close.

Having a litter tray per cat handy, plus one extra, means cats won’t need to go outside to toilet. For very cold, prolonged spells, keep cats indoors with access to lots of toys to encourage activity and stave off boredom. With many of us at home during this current lockdown, our feline friends will have ready playmates too!

For more information on these tips and many others for cats in cold weather, visit the Cats Protection website.

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Published: 8, Jan, 2021