Celebrating our amazing veterinary nurses!

May is National Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month which is a great reason to shout extra loud about all the amazing things our veterinary nurses do in practice! You will mostly have contact with our Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) at the various nurse clinics we run, if your pet is coming in for post op checks, certain injections, when giving advice on the phone or when going through paperwork prior to surgery. However, there are lots of responsibilities our nurses have in practice that you may not be aware of. So we thought this month we’d take you behind the scenes!

This is beautiful Husky dog Chief who has been coming in to see us for cancer treatment. Did you know that pets can have chemotherapy for certain cancers to slow progression or put the disease into remission? Here, our RVN Cody is helping Sam administer Chief’s treatment by keeping Chief calm and holding him steady. And here are Cody and Chief having a cuddle afterwards!

We love our veterinary nurses!

Categories: News
Published: 5, May, 2022