Could your pet be diabetic?

This is gorgeous Simba who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He was in at the practice last week for us to run a glucose curve to check his blood sugar levels, to make sure his treatment dose was right. We’ve adjusted it slightly, so Simba was back in yesterday for another glucose curve, and lots more cuddles!

June is annual host to Diabetes Week. Did you know that according to Diabetes UK, there are 1 million people with diabetes in the UK who remain undiagnosed? As diabetes affects pets too, how many of our four legged friends go undiagnosed?

Insulin is essential for blood sugar to be converted into energy, but unfortunately diabetic pets can’t produce enough. Without treatment, this leads to dangerously high levels of blood sugar and complications can be life-threatening.

Spotting diabetes early-on is essential. Drinking too much water, urinating excessively, losing weight but still being constantly hungry and being tired and subdued can all be warning signs your pet may have diabetes. Please book your pet in for an appointment if they show any of these signs. We can test for diabetes quickly and in-house, and treatment to manage the condition can be administered by owners at home.

Be alert to diabetes and help your pet live a long and happy life!

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Published: 21, Jun, 2019