Dressed for the weather!

This is Loki who came to visit us this morning wearing her Thundershirt. Loki gets very agitated if there is thunder: her heart races and she darts about looking for somewhere to hide. To help keep her calm, Loki’s mum now dresses her in a Thundershirt at the first sign of a storm. This specially designed anxiety wrap applies constant gentle pressure to the back and torso producing a calming effect. Loki’s mum also sprinkles Pet Remedy – a natural pet-calming spray – onto the pet wrap. The cumulative calming effect is immediate for Loki. After using the above stress-reducing techniques this morning, Loki went from agitation to lying down on the floor looking very chilled – just as she in is this photo!

If your dog – or cat – suffers from anxiety, give us a ring on 01922 411755 to book into one of our free anxiety management clinics, where we’ll discuss a range of strategies for helping your pet to feel calmer in environments that trigger stress.

Categories: News
Published: 14, Aug, 2019