Easter risks for pets

Easter is a time of delicious seasonal treats – but be careful your pets don’t indulge in foods that could be dangerous for them. Here are a few specific Easter risks to watch out for:

Hot cross buns: These contain raisins, currants and sultanas which can be poisonous to dogs – as are grapes. Did you know, poisoning can occur in as few as 8 grapes with a Yorkshire terrier? If you are worried your dog may have consumed grapes or hot cross buns,  please phone for advice as we may need to try and make your dog sick to avoid

Easter eggs: Cocoa solids in chocolate contain Theobromine which can be poisonous to dogs. All chocolate can contain Theobromine. If your dog has eaten chocolate, please phone us for advice – and bring the wrapper with you if you need to come in so we can establish how much Theobromine may have been consumed and can treat accordingly.

Cooked bones: Roast dinners are a traditional Easter Sunday lunch. Please avoid giving your pets cooked bones – they can cause intestinal blockages which may require surgery to remove.

Spring flowers and bulbs: Lots of plants and house bulbs can be poisonous if ingested. Lily pollen is especially poisonous to cats. Please get in touch to ask for advice if you think your pet may have eaten something they shouldn’t.

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Published: 28, Mar, 2018