Feline-tastic news!

We’re all really excited! Work started this week on a brand new dedicated cat clinic at 387 Vets. Due for completion this summer, the cat clinic will have a separate entrance, its own waiting room and two feline-only consult rooms. And as a dog-free zone, there’ll be no scary barking or doggy smells!

We already hold Gold Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation with the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). This new initiative will help to further reduce feline stress on visits to the vets, and continues to enhance our feline standards of care. And whilst the cat clinic will have a new name and logo (watch this space!), your cat will still see the same 387 feline-fabulous team.

Check out our new feline Friday posts every Friday. This is the first! Running right up until clinic opening, they’ll cover a range of cat-related features including the latest news on our exciting new build!

Categories: News
Published: 28, Feb, 2020