Freebies for neutered food converts to promote good health

It’s Summer, and holiday time, and the time of year when lots of us wish we hadn’t eaten quite so many chips or biscuits or chocolate in the Spring! Unfortunately, when pets are neutered, even if they just continue to eat their normal diet, they could potentially put on a third in extra body weight! That’s the equivalent of a lot of extra chips and chocolate!!

To prevent neutered pets suffering from obesity-linked health issues, we recommend neutered pets go onto a specially formulated neutered diet: you’ll know you are giving your pet exactly the right balance of nutrients and protein to stay trim and fit without compromising on portion size.

And this summer, for all new converts to the Royal Canin neutered food range we’re giving away a free dog lead, dog toy or cat toy with every purchase of a 1.5kg bag (or greater) of neutered Royal Canin dry food. Helping your pet stay healthy on the inside and the outside too!

For any enquiries about neutering, or to take advantage of our offer, pop in or give us a call on 01922 411755.


Categories: News
Published: 7, Aug, 2017