Garden time!

It’s fantastic weather for this week’s feline Friday post! Great for getting out into the garden! Here are some top tips, courtesy of International Cat Care, for adapting your garden to make sure your cat enjoys outdoor time as much as you do:

Cats can feel vulnerable crossing large patches of lawn or open space. Breaking up the garden into smaller areas gives cats cover – you can plant shrubs or hedges, or even carefully position pots to give cats some protection. This is especially useful around the cat flap exit – cats can feel exposed if they have no cover from which to check for any threat.

Cats are curious by nature, love to climb and view the world from all angles! Providing varying heights in the garden for your cat to navigate makes the world more interesting and gives extra space for your cat. Wall tops, trellis and pergolas – anything that adds a new dimension – are all great for climbing and sitting on.

Even though we may not be keen on our cat’s predatory behaviour, there are other ways we can provide an outlet for this natural behaviour, taking advantage of outdoor space: using a puzzle feeder for play or dotting dry food around the garden for your cat to find (clearing up any missed food afterwards), or playing with our feline friends and their toys outside – dangle toys are great to pull through longer grass or shrubbery for cats to track and then pounce on. We get to have fun playing with our feline friend too!

And it’s important to provide safety and shelter for our cats in the garden. Somewhere they can retreat to and feel secure if feeling under threat. Garden furniture to hide under or somewhere up high can be safe places for cats to sit and keep watch.

Happy garden time!

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Published: 31, Jul, 2020