Getting diet right for rabbits!

RAW - diet

We’re halfway through Rabbit Awareness Week! Did you know that contrary to popular opinion, rabbits do not just eat carrots and lettuce – or a muesli mix – but need a huge percentage of grass and hay in their diets to keep healthy. The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund recommend 80% grass/hay, 15% greens and 5% pellets. Nibbling grass and hay keeps teeth and the digestive system healthy and helps bore teeth down to prevent overgrowing and subsequent problems feeding; greens also provide lots of fibre – but don’t give rabbits too much as it can make them uncomfortable and gassy; carrots and fruit should only be given in moderation (once a week) as they are high in natural sugars; and pellets keep rabbits’ weight up. Use pellets rather than a muesli mix as rabbits will tend to pick out their favourite bits from a mix, whereas the pellet delivers a balanced intake of nutrients. 

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Published: 22, Jun, 2016