Give a homeless pet a Christmas dinner campaign

December’s here which means our annual food collection for homeless pets is up and running in reception! Every year, we hold a ‘give a pet a Christmas dinner’ campaign to help support homeless pets in local shelters and rescue centres still waiting for their forever home. This Christmas, we’re collecting for Sunnyside Kennels (Birmingham Dogs Home), Rugeley Cats Society and Broadmeadow Guinea Pig Rescue and Sanctuary. All donations of wet and dry food, treats and other pet goodies (including hay for the guinea pigs!) would be hugely welcome, and would make a real difference to these local charities.

Last year we managed to collect an amazing 472 tins and pouches of wet food, 27kg of dry food and lots of treats, toys and bedding. We’d love to beat Christmas 2018’s total! Can you help? Share some love at 387 Vets for local pets without forever families this Christmas!

Categories: News
Published: 2, Dec, 2019