Helping cats chill out

With Covid restrictions easing again on 12th April and many more of us going back to work, we thought we would dedicate this feline Friday post to feline anxiety. Whilst many cats may relish the peace and quiet of an empty house, others may feel anxious at this new shift in their routine. So how can we tell if our cat is feeling stressed and what can we do to help?

Change in normal routine or behaviour can signify something is amiss. This weekend is a great opportunity to observe what’s normal for your cat. Try not to be too invasive or obvious as this in itself could make your cat feel stressed! Knowing your cat’s pattern can help you spot changes early. If you do then observe new unusual behaviour, it may be worth giving us a ring for advice.

Using pheromone plug-in diffusers, which replicate hormones that cats emit when they rub against an area to mark it as safe and secure, can really help cats adapt to change. And giving cats space to get used to the new situation might be a good idea too. Letting them come to you for attention gives them a sense of control in a changing environment.

Click here for more information from International Cat Care on recognising feline stress and how to relieve or prevent it. If you do have any concerns about your feline friend, it’s always best to seek veterinary advice to ensure there isn’t an underlying medical reason for behavioural change.

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Published: 9, Apr, 2021