Helping pets with mobility issues get more from life

It’s Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, and we’d love to tell you a bit more about the role of our registered veterinary nurses in practice. It seems particularly appropriate to start with our lead nurse Amy, as this bank holiday weekend marks exactly 7 years since she passed her Veterinary Nursing Diploma! Happy 7th becoming-a-Registered-Veterinary-Nurse birthday, Amy!

Amongst her huge range of nursing responsibilities, Amy runs our nurse pain clinics at 387 Vets. Here she tells us a bit more about this area of her nursing role, which she is particularly passionate about.

“Physio and rehab had always been on my radar, even before I became a vet nurse. Having been on a physiotherapy course a few years ago, I was really interested in setting up nurse pain clinics at 387 Vets to help pets with mobility issues to get more out of life. Rather than just treating a pet’s injury or condition, through the clinics I can support owners with actively improving their pet’s long-term welfare and quality of life.

“In the clinic, we talk about the pet’s current struggles and realistic aims for improvement. I demonstrate therapies such as massage, stretching and hot and cold therapies as appropriate, as well as working in conjunction with the vets around prescription treatment and other pain management options such as low level laser therapy. Clients go home with hands-on rehab exercises as well as advice on changes they can make at home to help with their pet’s comfort and mobility.

“It gives me a real sense of satisfaction when a client comes back and tells me that the strategies we’ve discussed have worked, and that their pet is able to walk further, or play more or interact more with the family. It’s really heartwarming to know the clinics have helped increase a pet’s enjoyment of life.”

Amy’s clinics are for any pet that is suffering with general or localised stiffness, including arthritis, muscle trauma and reduced joint and limb mobility post surgery. If you are interested in finding out more, give us a ring on 01922 411755.

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Published: 3, May, 2019