Home at last!

This is Molly who escaped from her mum on our carpark a fortnight ago and has been in hiding. She is very timid so catching up with her to reunite her with her owner proved tricky. A huge thank you and well done to our nurse Paige who has been putting out cat food and treats after spotting Molly near her house. She successfully managed to catch her in a special cat trap donated by the charity Kats Cradle on Monday morning. But not before she had caught our vet Hamish’s cat on a previous night who had very happily polished off the food, had bedded down in the trap and then stuck around for cuddles and a fuss on release! We’re delighted Molly is home – here she is all snuggled on the bed. Stay safe Molly!

Categories: News
Published: 19, Sep, 2023