Hot weather

With the weather set to be hot over the next couple of days, make sure your pets stay cool! Walk dogs early or late in the day to avoid heat stroke. Never leave dogs in cars or conservatories in warm weather as temperatures can soar quickly. If you have small furry animals outdoors, remember to make sure they have shade (try placing a cool damp towel over their run – but don’t completely cover or you’ll prevent fresh air from circulating). Bear in mind how the sun moves round the garden. Move hutches out of the sun. Keep rabbits cool by freezing a water bottle and then wrap it in a towel and put it in the hutch. You can do the same for cats and place in a favourite sleep spot. Did you know that dampening a rabbit’s ears can help cool them down?

Hot weather makes fly strike more likely. This is where rabbits prone to dirty bottoms attract flies which lay eggs on the rabbits skins and these hatch into maggots. The maggots then feed on the rabbit’s tissue which is incredibly painful and can even be fatal. Check all rabbits’ bottoms at least twice daily for signs of fly eggs, and any wounds too.

Make sure all pets have plenty of access to fresh water to stay hydrated. Leave additional water bowls around the house and outdoors too for freely roaming pets. Cats love running water, so a pet water fountain may be an idea to encourage hydration. And a paddling pool in the garden can be lots of fun for dogs. And even you too!

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Published: 21, Jun, 2022