If you find a baby bird …

It’s the time of year when baby birds are hatching, and we’ve seen a few practice recently that have been found outside their nest. It can be difficult to know when to intervene. Here’s advice taken from the RSPC website to help give baby birds found outside the nest the best chance of thriving.

A bird with no feathers (a nestling) – needs to be replaced in the nest. If you can’t find the nest or it’s been damaged, it’s possible to fashion one from a plant pot or basket with nesting material inside. Then securely attach to the nearest tree.

A baby bird with nearly all its feathers is called a fledgling. It’s common to see fledglings on the ground as they leave the nest just before they can fly. Keep pets away, leave baby alone and monitor. Mum and dad should be nearby waiting to bring baby their next feed! If baby is in immediate danger, pick them up wearing gloves and move them to sheltered safety a short distance away so mum and dad can find them.

Taking baby birds into captivity should be a last resort. You will need to do this if baby bird is injured or sick or if baby has been orphaned (mum and dad have not been back to them for over 2 hours). In these cases please contact your local wildlife rehabilitation centre or vet.

For further guidance and information visit the RSPCA’s Found a baby bird out of the nest

Image taken from RSPCA literature.

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Published: 26, Apr, 2024