If you were watching TV on Monday night . . .


You may have seen the short feature on ‘Inside Out’ (Monday, 7.30pm, BBC1) about the new strain of Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD2) in rabbits. Like VHD (which rabbits receiving annual boosters are protected against), the VHD2 strain is life threatening and although we haven’t seen any identified cases yet, we would still recommend vaccination against it.

Annual vaccination of rabbits provides protection against myxomatosis and VHD1. Both diseases are really nasty and are potential killers. With myxomatosis on the rise locally (above is a picture of a rabbit with typical myxomatosis swellings), please do consider vaccinating your rabbit if you don’t already. Vaccination against VHD2 is additional, but we do have vaccines in stock. Protect your bunnies!


Categories: News
Published: 12, Oct, 2016