International Tooth Ache Day!

Today is International Tooth Ache Day! Unfortunately, dental disease is a very common problem in dogs and cats and even though debilitating, our pets can be expert at hiding mouth pain.

As well as being distressing, left untreated dental issues can lead to other serious health conditions such as kidney and heart disease. Make sure you know how to spot the signs!

Common behaviour that your pet may be suffering with dental pain could be repeatedly pawing or rubbing at the side of the face, drooling, chewing on only one side of the mouth, refusing the play with normal toys and choosing to eat only soft food.

You may be able to see there’s a clear problem such as a cracked, broken or discoloured tooth, or if gums are looking angrily red, even bleeding, due to plaque build up and gingivitis. Swelling on the face can indicate infection and a tooth root abscess. And your pet may be losing weight if feeling too tender to eat.

Persistent bad breath can also signify there’s something amiss.

Recognise any of these signs in your dog or cat? Do give us a call to ensure they aren’t suffering in silence.

If a dental procedure is needed, you can be sure we’ll get to the root of the problem with minimum intervention. Having a high clarity digital dental X-ray enables us to pinpoint the exact issue so we can get your pet back to improved dental health.

Being periodontally pain-free is definitely something worth smiling about!

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Published: 8, Feb, 2021