Keeping cosy!

Aura had the right idea bringing her fleece with her when she was in earlier this month ready for her return home. It’s been especially cold this week for little paws. Here are some top tips to keep pets cosy, comfy and safe in this Wintery weather:

Dogs with thin coats will benefit from an extra layer when out and about, but make sure any damp clothing is removed when back from dog walks. Having something reflective on a collar or coat will help cars spot dogs and dog walkers in gloomy weather, but try and get out and about in daylight when it’s slightly warmer too. Take care around bodies of water as many have been frozen over recently and the ice can look deceptively thick – best to pop keen furry swimmers on leads to avoid pets getting into difficulty. Gritted paths can be an irritation for dog paws and rock salt is unhealthy to lick, so wiping paws after a walk is a good idea. And place extra blankets in dog beds so our canine companions can snuggle up when home and enjoy a cosy sleep!

If you have a cat flap, check regularly that it’s not frozen shut as temperatures have been well below freezing. It’s a good idea to have a couple of litter trays indoors so cats can choose to stay in should they wish. And make sure your feline friend’s favourite sleeping spots are out of any drafts and are extra snuggly and warm.

Small furries need extra insulation in winter. Putting carpeting or blankets over hutches can help, and be sure to provide lots of extra bedding to burrow down in. Hutches should be kept somewhere dry and draft-free. Consider bringing hutches into a garage or shed to protect against the worst of the weather, but nowhere too warm as this can be detrimental to health when small furries go outdoors again. Make sure water bottles aren’t frozen too and check daily to ensure small furries and bright and eating well.

Wintery weather can often exacerbate aches and pains. If you notice your pet is struggling, please do give us a call on 01922 411755 as there are lots of ways we can help.

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Published: 19, Jan, 2024