Keeping pets calm on fireworks night

It’s 1st November which means it’s nearly bonfire night and fireworks display season. Many pets find fireworks scary but there are lots of things we can do to help our pet friends cope better. Here are a few top tips to help reduce stress on the night:

Dogs: Give dogs a good walk early on. Keep your dog inside once dark, and avoid any toilet breaks during displays. Close curtains and put on the TV or radio to help muffle loud noises. Make a den in advance of firework night – a small space with a blanket canopy and familiar bedding inside – to act as a safe haven. Encourage your dog to rest here, and put down treats to help to calm and occupy your pet. Try to keep calm as any anxiety you feel will be picked up by your dog.

Cats: Make sure cats are inside and lock the cat flap. Remember to provide extra litter trays! Cats like to be able to hide away as this helps them feel safe so make sure they have access to areas of the house where they can tuck themselves away. We strongly recommend microchipping cats incase they get frightened and manage to slip outside and run off to hide. And if your cat is already microchipped, do check the chip contact details are up to date.

Small furries: Putting blankets or carpeting over hutches will help to dampen loud noises. Consider bringing small furries into a garage or shed to further muffle sounds, but nowhere too warm as they will struggle to reacclimatise going back outside again and may become poorly. Extra bedding will give small furries somewhere to hide, and provide a nibble toy for distraction. It’s important to worm rabbits as stress can trigger e-cuniculi, a nasty parasite that can in many cases cause paralysis.

Do get in touch with us on 01922 411755 with any queries or for further advice. We hope you and your pets have a calm and peaceful bonfire night!

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Published: 1, Nov, 2021