Lily warning!

With Easter just around the corner and bouquets of flowers on sale in the shops, today’s feline Friday post is all about highlighting the danger of lilies to cats. Lilies are extremely poisonous for our feline friends and it’s not just the pollen that’s toxic. Licking or eating any part of the plant or even drinking the water from the vase can leave your cat at risk of kidney failure, and sadly, even death.

Never wait for symptoms to develop if you suspect your cat may have ingested any part of a lily. Make sure you seek veterinary help immediately as the outcome is more likely to be positive with prompt treatment. Unfortunately, lily poisoning often goes unnoticed until the toxins have affected the kidneys irreparably, which is why lily poisoning is often fatal.

Common symptoms include vomiting, drooling, not eating, urinating more frequently and seizures, with kidney failure taking a little longer to become evident. Again, please seek veterinary help should you spot any of these signs.

This is a photo of inquisitive Indigo who was brought in to see us last week with suspected lily poisoning. Indigo’s owner became worried when he appeared subdued and disinterested in food and water, and his owner had noticed lily pollen on his cheek. We treated Indigo, have run various screening tests and are delighted that he now appears to be more like himself.

By all means celebrate Easter next weekend with beautiful flowers, but if you have cats, please stay away from buying lilies!

Categories: News
Published: 26, Mar, 2021