Louis finds a forever home for Christmas

We have a really heartwarming Christmas story for our 8th and 9th December advent windows. This is 11 month old poodle Louis who is one lucky pup! And not just because he has a new loving forever home this Christmas…
Louis is very lucky to be here. When he must have been around a week old, he was found down by the canal in the Dudley area. He was all alone – it’s not known how he got there. What would have happened to him had he not been rescued doesn’t even bear thinking about. Thankfully, he was taken in and fostered and has turned into the gorgeous, friendly and loving pup you see in the photo.
Just this Monday, Louis was adopted! And we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting him and hearing his story from his new mum when he came in for a routine check up.
Sending you special festive good wishes this Christmas time Louis. We reckon having a new and loving mum must just be the best Christmas present ever!
Categories: News
Published: 8, Dec, 2018