Lucky escape

We had a dramatic emergency visit last week when poor Rosie was rushed in to see us having been trapped in the washing machine. The Persian must have snuggled in when no one was looking. Fortunately, Rosie’s owner spotted her as soon as the drum started to fill with water and broke the door to release her.

When Rosie arrived here, she was wet and shivery, so we kept her in for close monitoring and for treatment for hypothermia using our Bair Hugger®, an inflatable warmed air bed system. Rosie was able to go home later the same day, and was lucky to sport no more than two pulled nails and a bruise to her upper lip after her ordeal. What a fright for everyone.

Rosie’s adventure shows just how easily cats can sneak into places they shouldn’t. In this hot weather, please do be particularly vigilant about checking outdoor sheds and conservatories before locking up, to make sure cats don’t unwittingly become trapped inside.

Categories: News
Published: 9, Jun, 2021