Mince pie mischief

It’s only October, but Christmas treats have been in the shops for some time now and many of us are already indulging in scrumptious festive bakes! Please remember that anything containing raisins, sultanas or currants is toxic to dogs and if eaten can lead to kidney damage and even death. Not all dogs will be affected in the same way and some will be more adversely affected than others. Therefore, if you suspect your dog has ingested any amount of grapes or the dried variety of the fruit, please contact your vet immediately so that prompt – potentially life-saving – action can be taken.

This is Milo who came to see us after eating not just one but two mince pies. They were on the kitchen counter and Milo managed to sniff them out, sneak them out into the garden and eat them both, just leaving their little tin trays behind! The three month old puppy was brought straight down to see us on discovery of the missing pies and we made him sick to get rid of the toxins from his system. Not such a treat for Milo afterall!

Categories: News
Published: 12, Oct, 2023