Monitoring growing teeth

Rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents are amongst species whose teeth continually grow throughout their lives. So checking that teeth aren’t over-growing (growing faster than they are being worn down by eating or gnawing on chew toys or over-growing because they are growing unevenly) is really important. Overgrown teeth make eating difficult and lead to anorexia and various other complications. It’s not just the incisors at the front you need to watch for. Molars at the back can become overgrown too. Typical signs of this are excess salivation, and difficulty chewing and swallowing food. If you notice your pet is struggling, please do get in touch as their teeth will need burring or trimming to enable them to eat properly again.

This is Brian the chinchilla who has been in to see us to have his teeth burred. An excellent patient and he was full of beans when he came in for his dental treatment. We love our Brian cuddles!

Categories: News
Published: 10, Feb, 2022