Nasty surprise

Ten month old Loki was having a great time on her dog walk up at the pond off Hemlock Way in Heath Hayes. However, when her mum noticed Loki had grass protruding from her mouth and went to remove it, she got a nasty surprise. Poor Loki also had a fish hook embedded in her lower left lip with fishing line and a float still attached. Loki’s mum brought her straight down to see us, and we were able to to remove the hook under sedation by cutting it and drawing the remaining foreign body through the hole it had created. We’re pleased to report that Loki is back to her normal bouncy self after her unpleasant ordeal.

Loki’s incident highlights the importance of disposing of fish hooks responsibly to prevent other dogs – and wildlife – having a similar experience – or worse. Please be careful with fish hooks if fishing! Not a nice find on a walk.

Categories: News
Published: 11, Nov, 2021