National Pet Month’s top tip number 6 could have prevented those spots!


Oh dear! It looks as though this pet didn’t have any preventative medicine to stop the outbreak of those spots! National Pet Month’s tip number 6 for responsible pet ownership is:

Protect against disease. Your vet can provide you with advice.

Prevention is definitely better than cure. Protecting our pets from disease is much better than having to treat the disease itself, for obvious reasons.

Preventative medicine includes vaccinations which give our pets increased immunity to specific diseases. Many of the diseases we vaccinate against are rare but fatal, and can often easily be contracted from infected pets or contaminated areas. We strongly advise regular vaccination. Up to date vaccination certificates are required if you’re booking your pet into kennels or a cattery.

Preventative medicine also includes parasite treatments: protecting against fleas, mites, ticks and worms. Some parasites are merely itchy or irritating, affecting your pet’s welfare, but others can carry disease, and in the case of lungworm, be life threatening. Do speak to one of our team about the best course of treatment to suit your own pet’s lifestyle.

Did you know…

You must only use flea treatment appropriate for your pet. Dog flea treatment can kill cats!

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Published: 21, Apr, 2016