New hutch for bunny?


We’ve talked about bunny buddies and diet this week, but what about living space? Did you know that in the wild, a rabbit will cover an area equivalent to 30 football pitches? Pet rabbits love to run and jump too, which we need to consider when we are housing them. Rabbits should have space for 3 hops, so The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) recommend a minimum hutch size of 6′ x 2′ x 2′. This enables some movement and room to stretch on hind legs, as well as the facility to keep toilet and sleeping areas separate. However, a hutch should only be a shelter, and should be attached to a secure run of at least 8′ x 6′ to let your rabbit exercise a little and enjoy a change of scene.

For more information, read about the RWAF’s ‘A Hutch is Not Enough’ campaign




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Published: 24, Jun, 2016