New kitten socialisation clinics at 387 Vets!

New experiences can be scary for kittens! How kittens respond will be partly down to the personalities of their mum and dad. However, the development of their behaviour is also influenced by the environment they grow up in in their early weeks of life. Giving kittens lots of positive experiences of people, as well as exposure to sights, sounds and smells they are likely to encounter as an adult means they are much more likely to enjoy life later on. A well-adjusted kitten leads to a well-adjusted cat!

As kittens are more receptive to new experiences up until around 6 months old, we’re now running special nurse-led clinics for kittens at 20 and 24 weeks of age to help with the socialisation process and support long-term feline wellbeing.

Here are just some of the ways these new clinics could benefit your kitten:

  • Creating familiarity around the carrier, car travel and the vets – all common stressors
  • Providing you with advice on environmental enrichment at home to ensure kitten’s behavioural needs are being met
  • Improving confidence with strangers through lots of gentle handling and stroking
  • Creating a positive association with vet visits through clinic playtime, cuddles and treats
  • Identifying potential stressors to reduce the likelihood of chronic stress in later life. Chronic stress is a component – or trigger – of most common cat behaviour issues.
  • Free general health and weight check to ensure kitten is progressing as we would expect
  • Supporting you with any other kitten queries you may have

For a limited time only, we’re giving away a kitten toy at your kitten’s first socialisation clinic. Call us on 01922 411755 to find out more, and to bring your kitten in to play!

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Published: 28, May, 2019