New lease of life!

A big shout out to 11 year old Harry who has just been in for his arthritis injection. Harry is a regular visitor to 387 Vets as he’s been having the monthly injections for over a year now and they’ve made a massive difference to his quality of life. The springer broke one of his fore legs when he was younger and became quite lame with early onset arthritis which really affected his mobility. Within just one day of his first injection, Harry’s mum noticed a massive improvement. A year on, the injections are still helping Harry’s mobility hugely – he loves to dart about when he goes out for walks and a favourite activity is burying his ball! Harry’s mum says he’s like a puppy and it’s changed everything. We love that Harry’s loving life to the full! If your pet is suffering from arthritis, do get in touch so we can work together to help improve their quality of life.

Categories: News
Published: 23, Mar, 2022