New mum

Congratulations to beautiful new mum Lara who gave birth to three adorable puppies at 387 Vets yesterday evening. The French Bulldog was showing signs of going into labour earlier than expected and her owner brought her in yesterday morning to check that Lara and the pups were ok. Lara was indeed getting ready to give birth! But when the babies hadn’t arrived by mid afternoon, Lara came back in to practice to have some oxytocin to help with contractions.  And here she is being a great mum to her new arrivals. The little ones are feeding happily and being cleaned and loved all at the same time! Lara had the rest of her babies at home where she could properly relax, nest and snuggle and, of course, give out lots more love. Well done Lara. We are really proud of you.

Categories: News
Published: 12, Jun, 2018