No fleas please!

Today’s advent window is a reminder to keep up your pet’s flea treatments to make sure your house doesn’t become a hotel to unwelcome guests this Christmas! Did you know that if you spot a flea on your pet, it’s likely to be only 5% of the problem? That means 95% of an infestation is hidden in your home!

Fleas feeding on your pet can lay up to 50 eggs a day. As your pet wanders through the house, flea eggs drop into the carpet. These eggs hatch into larvae, which spin cocoons and form pupae which then hatch into fleas. The fleas jump and attach themselves onto a passing pet, and so the cycle continues.

In one month, 10 female fleas can lay up to 15,000 eggs! Unfortunately vacuuming your home will only remove 50% of eggs and larvae because they are hidden deep in floors.

Feeling itchy yet?!

Speak to us about keeping on top of flea control, as the problem does not go away in Winter!

If you need any further reason to be proactive about managing fleas, check out this video from Zoetis showing flea larvae on the move. It’s slightly scary what could be lurking in our carpets . . .

Information taken from Zoetis’s Simparica literature and PetDialog website.

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Published: 15, Dec, 2018