We were delighted to see Mojo fit and well when she came in for her booster this week. Mojo had a horrible experience this summer. Clients brought her in as a stray they had found trapped in netting on an allotment. She had been there at least three days and was suffering from fly strike – maggots feeding on her legs, tail and face – and she had open wounds from trying to scrabble free. She was given emergency treatment and when we scanned her we were delighted to discover she had been chipped so we could reunite her with her owners who immediately rushed down to be with her. They had just got back from holiday and their pet sitter had been concerned as Mojo hadn’t been home for a few days. Mojo was very ill, dehydrated and weak and was admitted to St George’s Veterinary Hospital in Wolverhampton for a week for 24 hour monitoring and could only take food through a feeding tube. The start of the road to an amazing recovery. Now Mojo looks fabulous and is back to her old self. And still sneaking to the allotment when she gets the chance!

Categories: News
Published: 8, Nov, 2012