One lucky puppy

Poor Dexter had a real shock on Friday morning when he certainly bit off more than he could chew – literally. The 9 month old pup helped himself to a raw hide chew that was sitting on the side in the kitchen. However, in Dexter’s enthusiasm, the treat became lodged in his throat and he began to choke. Luckily Dexter’s owner was still at home and rushed him straight in to see us – by the time Dexter arrived, his tongue was very blue – a sign that he was suffering from severe lack of oxygen and was truly choking and struggling to breathe.  Fortunately we managed to extract the chew, and this is a much happier Dexter all better after his ordeal! He’s one lucky pup! Never underestimate the determination of a dog to get to food they shouldn’t be eating!

Categories: News
Published: 24, Jul, 2017