Oscar’s amazing journey continues …

Oscar 2

Many of you will remember Oscar’s amazing story as our April Pet of the Month. Oscar underwent massive reconstructive head surgery and made a miraculous recovery after being hit by a car. However, the accident also caused severe nerve damage to his shoulder and unfortunately sensation has not returned to his foreleg.  This has made walking difficult as Oscar trips over his useless leg.  To help him get about we amputated his leg. The technique we used is called a ‘fore quarter’ amputation which removes the shoulder blade and shoulder joint as well so that there is no irritating stump remaining, resulting in a neater finish. He was so bouncy after surgery that we couldn’t get Oscar to sit still for a photo!  Here he is back for a post op check.  He’s much happier and able to get about at speed! What a brilliant, brave boy!

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Published: 4, Dec, 2013