Parvo alert: is your dog safe?

For all dog owners out there, please note that parvovirus has been reported in Walsall. Make sure your dog’s annual booster is up to date as this includes protection against this potentially fatal disease.

Symptoms of parvo include foul-smelling bloody diarrhoea, a loss of appetite, lack of energy, collapse and a high temperature, and in most cases leads to death. And it’s very easily spread: it can be as simple as your dog sniffing contaminated poo on a dog walk, or you picking up and carrying the virus around on your shoes. Parvovirus is also quite resistant, so can remain in situ for some time.

Much better to be safe than sorry. Please call us on 01922 411755 if you are worried your dog may not be protected and we can book you in for a vaccination.

To read the Birmingham Mail’s feature this week on, ‘Deadly dog virus parvovirus reported in West Midlands – what you need to know’, click here.







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Published: 7, Sep, 2017